Sunday, June 3, 2007

Quiet Please

Daniel is soooo LOUD in the morning when he wakes up. If he has had enough sleep and can't fall back to sleep, then he wakes everyone else up! For some reason he just gets excited about the day and can't be quiet!! I consider this personality trait VERY annoying to say the least! This morning at 6:45 AM, I found Daniel in his bedroom, with the lights on, holding Joel and talking loudly to him. I took Joel and sent Daniel out of the room. I turned the lights off and put Joel back to bed (which he happily slept in for another hour and a half!). I went back downstairs where I had sent Daniel and Amy was now awake. I left Daniel in the living room on the couch, while Amy and I went to my bed (Jeff was already up getting ready for work.) I was so tired, all I wanted to do was SLEEP!! And I would have, if Daniel could have been quiet! We laid in bed for 30 minutes and listened to Daniel talk to himself, move the kitchen chairs around, sing, and play with his table soccer game. I kept thinking that he would get quiet at any moment, but he just kept going as if no one else was home trying to sleep. In the morning, he is totally oblivious to rest of the world, unless one of us walks by him.... then he just has to talk to us!!


Mom said...

Daniel's behavior isn't one that he takes after you for, as you were the most considerate child, letting me sleep in on the occassional mornings, usually, when I had a terrible headache.

Karen said...

Sooo, Is he like Jeff??? :)

Peggy said...

That is so like Sara! Once she's up, no one else has the option to sleep anymore! She's not always cheerful, though, and that's because she's hungry. Once she eats a few bites of breakfast, she's a totally different child!

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