Sunday, January 21, 2007


Just to make sure that I include Jeff in this blog.... GO BEARS! We have spent much of the afternoon watching football. For my sake I am so glad that the Bears won. Jeff was not very happy during the first quarter of the game, but his mood changed for the better once the win was secure. Way to go Bears.
The rest of my day was spent organizing the upstairs. I tore apart the children's bedrooms and got rid of a BUNCH of stuff. I feel so good to have accomplished so much in one day. We will see how long the upstairs stays clean. I am watching four children all day tomorrow. I am sure that the bedrooms will need my attention for a little while after they leave.
Daniel, Amy, and Emily played outside for a few hours and then watched a movie. Lauren read a book in her bed. Joel napped for a couple of hours this aftenoon
Today was a very relaxing day! I am ready for Monday to begin.

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