Friday, November 14, 2008

Ever wonder why the printer doesn't work?


lisatatj said...

Judith! LOL...we all really like this! thanks

Pegsy said...

That's SO funny! Loved it!

Thomas and Lisa said...

That cat thing was really cute and funny.
Love Annalise
P.S. Adriana liked it too.

geisme said...

OH MY GOODNESS! First my husband would kill the cat if it was ours & secondly I think I'd have to kill my cat. This isn't really your cat is it??? It's a beautiful cally.
They are too funny animals. btw have you seen the video of the cats walking on the tread mill? If not go to youtube & type in "cats walking on treadmill" make sure you turn your volume up. It's almost as good as this one.

Edie said...

HaHa! This was great! Thanks for the laugh!

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